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Pringles Barbecue Lovers Pizza 110g Korea

Pringles Barbecue Lovers Pizza 110g Korea

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Indulge in the perfect balance of smoky barbecue goodness, tantalizing spices, and a hint of zesty tomato sauce, all perfectly blended to create the ultimate pizza-inspired treat. The crispy crunch of every Pringles chip delivers a satisfying texture that complements the bold flavors, making each bite a truly delightful experience.




Dried potatoes, Vegetable oil, Corn flour, Corn starch, Sugars (maltodextrin, sugar, brown sugar, blackstrap molasses), Rice flour, Mono- and diglycerides, Salt, Sodium diacetate, Tomato powder, Onion powder, Spices, Monosodium glutamate, Natural flavour, Torula yeast, Citric acid, Paprika, Paprika extract, Garlic powder, Disodium inosinate, Disodium guanylate, Modified milk ingredients, Wheat starch, Caramel, Allura red.

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