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Mike & Ike Mega Mix Sweet & Sour Theater Box 120g

Mike & Ike Mega Mix Sweet & Sour Theater Box 120g

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This mix features ten vibrant flavors, including Sour Watermelon, Sour Lemon, Sour Cherry, Sour Blue Raspberry, and Sour Green Apple, alongside their sweet counterparts like Pineapple-Banana, Peach Berry, Grape Soda, Kiwi-Banana, and Paradise Punch. Each candy is coated in a fine sugary dust that enhances the sweet and sour experience, making every bite a delightful explosion of taste.


This Mega Mix is an excellent choice for those who love variety and intensity in their snacks. The diverse range of flavors ensures that there's something to satisfy any craving, whether you lean towards the intense tartness of sour candies or the smooth, sweet finish of classic fruity flavors. Mike & Ike Mega Mix Sweet & Sour is perfect for sharing at parties, movie nights, or as a fun snack to brighten your day. The colorful and eye-catching packaging also makes it a great gift for candy lovers, promising a deliciously fun eating adventure.




Sugar, Corn syrup**, modified corn starch**, acidity regulator: fumaric acid, citric acid, malic acid, sodium citrate; Flavouring, dextrin, glazing agent: shellac, carnauba wax; stabiliser: triglycerides of fatty acids; colours tartrazine*(E102), Allura red* (E129), brilliant blue (e133), sunset yellow* (E110).


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