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CakeBites Iced Blueberry Cobbler 49g

CakeBites Iced Blueberry Cobbler 49g

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Did you know that the Cobbler is an original American dessert? Longing for some hometown British pudding but unable to scratch together the ingredients, American colonists layered a biscuit over some jelly and called it a night. Lazy? Hey, it’s not easy getting through the day without a cell phone. And, while progress has been fun, our desire for a tasty, quick dessert has not waned. In the spirit of delicious and convenient, we give you the Iced Blueberry Cobbler. Our modern version of this Colonial classic: moist blueberry and vanilla cake, layered over a blueberry spread, enrobed in white chocolate icing and topped with blueberry sprinkles. Have you ever had blueberry sprinkles? Of course not, but here they are, just inside this lovely package. Our Iced Blueberry Cobbler is a perfectly portioned on-the-go compliment to any beverage or as a solo snack for the school kids. No need to cobble together a dessert, grab a CakeBite and indulge!




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